Check for any surfaces damage, fiberglass/components,
the quality of finished product.  to know the condition of the aircraft and
determine the exact work to be performed.
2. Control surfaces
We remove all the controls surfaces for individual attention and handling.
3. Paint stripping
All windows, fiberglass parts and delicate parts are mask to protect against
chemical remover
Strip entire aircraft to bear metal with chemical stripper
After the aircraft is stripped it is pressure washed.
All inspection plates are removed
Hand strip small areas
Detail all around the windows by hand
Abrade aircraft skin with scotch bright with lacquer thinner
4. Clean corrosion /bondo work (dent repairs) if needed/fiberglass work are
5 we acid echen to clean and protect the aluminum surfaces
6.  Alodine for corrosion protection is apply before primer
7 aircraft, control surfaces, inspection covers, fairings are moved to the spray
To be processed separately
8. Spray epoxy primer
9. Apply base color
10. Landing gear
Hydraulic lines and non-painted parts are masked to prevent over spray
11. Perform new custom paint layout scheme
12. Mask for stripes
13. Paint layout scheme
14. Primary flight controls are balanced using factory specified equipment and
specifications in accordance with the aircraft maintenance manual.
Upon completion, the controls are reinstalled, lubricated and functional check
15. License technician check aircraft and logbook entries are made
16. All required placards will be installed
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