T&P AeroRefinishers

T & P Aero Refinishers is known for its excellent and consistently satisfactory
Every job is important to our team. They have years of experience and are known
for their detailed work. Our work has been highlighted in  Aviation Consumer

Our goal is to produce the finest aircraft painting and refinishing available in the
aircraft industry and to deliver complete customer satisfaction.

We have experience on almost every type of general aviation aircraft, on
experimental aircraft, historical and war era aircraft
We can also perform original paint layout to custom paint schemes.

If you choose T& P Aero Refinishers to paint your aircraft, you can be confident that
you will be getting:
-Customer satisfaction
-No surprises
-Outstanding services
-Award winning paint jobs

The standard warranty on all our work is one year from the date of delivery of the
aircraft. (Any defects on the paint need to be reported by the customer to T&P Aero

Thank you for visiting us, we hope this answers some of the questions and
concerns you may have however;
If additional information is needed please feel free to
contact us.
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203 Skyway Blvd
Salinas,CA 93905 USA
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Email: tprefinishing@cs.com